Lawrence Huang

I think deeply about simple things.

Born in Vancouver; raised in Taipei; studied computer science and math at UCLA.
Currently working in Mountain View as a software engineer for Google.

溫哥華出生,台北長大,曾就讀復興國小/國中以及建國高中。 UCLA資訊工程及數學系畢業。

About Parallax

Parallax refers to the effect whereby the position or orientation of an object appears to differ when viewed from different angles. As our society is becoming more ideologically polarized, I felt it appropriate to use this small word play to constantly remind myself of others' viewpoints when advocating my own.
My goal is here is merely to document thoughts in a coherent manner, and provide a medium for reflection and discussion. Contents may range from political commentary to technical software engineering details, or even simple accounts of a small but noteworthy event. At the end of the day, my only hope is to provide a little something for everybody to find.


Chinese and English versions are often written separately, so contents may not be accurate translations of one another.
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