09 Mar 2018


不過不論如何,我又平安的老一歲了,謝謝大家 :)

I don’t know what got into me, but I happened to schedule my annual physical exam to be in the morning of 3/9. As a result, I had to fast on the night of my birthday. Tough luck.
But on the bright side, I just grew another year older. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

21 Jan 2018


Happy New Year!

Yes, it has been a while. The past few months have been a frenzy, and I truly regret not being able to document everything in a timely manner. In short, 2017 was the year of growing up, and I have reasons to think 2018 will be defined by how well I can take advantage of new opportunities.

24 Jul 2017

Toronto, Montreal, New York

It looks like we are way overdue for an update. Time really flies when you’re working hard to make the next release of Android not suck, doesn’t it?

All jokes aside, I have been busy with multiple other things, so sorry about the inactivity. To make up for the hiatus, I’m back at it to entertain you with some highlights of my recent east coast excursion. Enjoy!

23 Apr 2017

Fake News

In light of recent political events, a few public figures have openly remarked that Internet companies like Google and Facebook have the responsibility to do more to combat fake or biased news. While I largely believe this is a systematic issue that must be addressed at a more fundamental level, it is nonetheless interesting to talk about a few approaches that might actually make a difference. Here are my conclusions on what may or may not work.

25 Mar 2017



16 Mar 2017


Despite working for perhaps the largest Internet company in the world, I must admit I have no idea how to properly write or manage a website. But I guess everybody has to start somewhere, right?

To improve the design and increase user engagement using a data-driven approach, I’ve integrated a subset of tracking features provided by Google Analytics. Here’s how it works, and what I’ve learned so far.

08 Mar 2017


I turn 25 today. On this occasion, I am happy to announce the completion of my personal website, as well as my commitment to start writing regularly again. Thanks for the birthday wishes, and welcome to Parallax, my world of random musings and chaotic programming experiments.